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Parent information on pseudocroup


Pseudocroup attacks frighten any parent. A brief overview of pseudo-croup and some important guidelines on what to do are available here for print-out and supplying to parents.
Download pseudocroup attack PDF (German)
Download pseudocroup attack PDF (other languages)

Pain and fever medicine checklist


By documenting prior diseases and their physical condition, your customers can help you choose the best pain therapy. Our free checklist for completing and an interpretation guide are available here.

These checklists are designed for the German market. Therfore they are available only in German.
Download checklist for patients

Headache calendar


Do you suffer from recurrent headaches or headache attacks? If so, it makes sense to keep a headache diary. Such a diary helps your doctor understand how often your pain arises and from what type of pain you suffer.  Ultimately, this information can be used to arrive at a more detailed diagnosis and individualised treatment plan. Our headache diary is available for Download headache calendar

This diary is designed for the German market. Therefore it is available only in German.