for phlebitis


For the concomitant treatment of superficial phlebitis (thrombophlebitis)

Thrombocid® is available as a gel:

For the concomitant treatment of superficial phlebitis (thrombophlebitis)

In detail:
Inflammation of the walls of veins visible at skin level, typically associated with the formation of blood clots (thrombi).


Unique selling propositions


  • Semisynthetic, plant-derived active ingredient
  • Effective therapy thanks to multiple actions
  • Well tolerated, even in case of sensitive skin
  • Available dosage forms (gel) facilitate application in different skin environments

Dosage forms

Thrombocid® - overview of dosage forms and dosages.

All details on the exact application, dosage and ingredients are found on the linked package leaflet. These are in German. If you need detailed English information, please contact us.

1,5 g NaPPS: for adults
100 g PZN 01400055 (Package leaflet)

Mode of action

Thrombocid® contains the active ingredient sodium pentosan polysulfate (NaPPS).

It is used for the concomitant treatment of acute inflammation or thrombosis of superficial veins (thrombophlebitis).

Locally, the active substance NaPPS promotes circulation in the skin’s smallest blood vessels thanks to its blood thinning and fibrin dissolving effects. The composition of fibrin, an essential component of blood clots (thrombi), is altered in such a way as to dissolve the clot and restore proper blood flow.

NaPPS also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the swelling arising in the inflamed area. The essential oils contained in the gel have additional spasmolytic and locally soothing properties.

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