Pain – the body’s protective warning system


Everybody knows pain – whether they are young or old. And regardless of the specific factors involved, all types of pain have one thing in common: they are uncomfortable and interfere with all parts of our lives. Pain can be a warning sign and protect the body from damage (acute pain), but it can also lose this function (chronic pain) and become useless. Therefore, it is always important to respond to it quickly and appropriately.


Handling pain correctly

Modern pain management involves multiple approaches and cross-specialty pain therapy. In addition to pharmaceuticals, pain treatment should include non-drug treatment forms and be administered in close collaboration with various specialties.


Example: headache

Do you suffer from recurrent headaches or headache attacks? In that case, it makes sense to keep a headache diary. This helps your doctor to see how often you suffer from pain and of what type it is.  Ultimately, this helps to arrive at a more specific diagnosis and an individualised treatment plan.
You can find our headache diary here, to view and to Download .

This diary is designed for the German market. Therefore it is available only in German.


Additional information

Do you want to find out more about pain and managing mild to moderate pain? You can find detailed information on this topic on our website
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