Experience meets cutting-edge technology

Our production facilities at the Munich site produce about 20 million packages of suppositories, tablets, syrups and capsules annually – for the domestic and global sales of our own products as well as for numerous customers worldwide.

All bene products are centrally weighed order-specifically by an ERP system. Raw materials are exactly weighed and set out using stored recipes.

Our safety guarantee:

  • The system ensures that only released and assigned raw materials are weighed for an order
  • Traceable use


Expertise from the suppository expert – over 50 years of production experience

As a suppository expert, we have manufactured more than a billion suppositories in recent decades.

We produce using two modern Sarong SAAS 15 AP lines (maximum output: 60,000 suppositories per hour) with connected cartoners (Bosch CUT, IMA Flexa).

The primary packaging consists of aluminium foil or PVC film.


bene tablets/hard capsules – unique product versatility

For direct compression, we use a Fette PT 2090.

Capsule filling is performed by a Bosch GKF 1400 connected to a Bosch KKE checkweigher. Blistering into PVC or aluminium foil and cartoning is performed by an IMA C 80/A81 (max. 400 blister packs per minute). 

Our special safety guarantees for the tablet/capsule line:

  • Fully automatic in-process controls of tablet mass, base height and hardness
  • Fully automatic capsule weight control during manufacture
  • During blistering, a colour camera ensures that there are no mix-ups


The following safety guarantees are provided at all of our production lines:

  • Patient information leaflet from the roll (preventing mix-ups)
  • Barcode reader for 100% identity checks of packaging: Primary packaging (except for liquids), patient information leaflet, folding box
  • Luminescence detectors for 100% checks for the presence of the patient information leaflet
  • Belt scale at end of line for 100% pack weight check