Expertise at home on the international market

Our bene brand-name products are appreciated worldwide and are now sold in more than 30 countries on 5 continents.

As a pharmaceutical company, we are interested in selling our brand-name products abroad, both inside and outside of Europe. Therefore, we are always looking for additional sales partners abroad.

Our cooperation projects with international sales partners also include scientific research projects and the development and testing of new pharmaceuticals.

One internationally renowned example is sodium pentosan polysulfate (NaPPS). Pharmaceuticals with this active substance, of which bene is the sole producer worldwide, are currently available in over 30 countries.

Over the years, ben-u-ron®, which bene launched as the first paracetamol preparation on the German market in 1959, has become a leading brand in many other countries as well.

A prime example is Portugal, where it has been the top-selling medicinal product and the best-known pharmaceutical brand for decades and has for years been repeatedly voted the "brand of trust" by consumers. Since 2010, bene is directly represented on the Portuguese market by its subsidiary bene-farmaceutica.

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