Earache severely affects our physical and mental well-being. The ear is a highly sensitive organ that aches and throbs if inflamed. Hearing is affected as well.
Children are particularly prone to developing inflammations of the external auditory canal.  These inflammations are often caused by infections with waterborne microorganisms that enter the ear from the environment during bathing and diving.
On the other hand, the classic inflammation of the middle ear is typically caused by enlarged tonsils and pharyngitis.


Earwax: Cleaning and protection of the ear

Earwax is a normal product of the ears, and contrary to common perception, it is not just dirt. It plays an important role in the auditory canal. Earwax protects the sensitive skin of the ear as well as the eardrum from bacteria and dirt. Everything that should not be in the ear is trapped and transported outward with the earwax. In addition to its protective function, earwax therefore plays a role in cleaning the ear.


Common causes of earaches

  • Inflammation of the middle ear
  • Inflammation of the outer auditory canal
  • Dental and jaw inflammation
  • Throat and tonsil inflammation 
  • Inflammation of the parotid glands
  • Plugging of the auditory canal by earwax (plug)
  • Pressure on the eardrum
  • Foreign body in the ear (esp. in children)


Our recommendation

Our proven duo Cerustop® and Normison® ear spray help to achieve proper ear care. Cerustop® ear oil spray removes excess earwax. It serves to clean and care for the external auditory canals. Normison® ear spray is ideal for preventing or providing supportive treatment for inflammations of the external auditory canal, which can arise after bathing, swimming and diving, for instance.