loosens mucus physically


Tacholiquin® or its active ingredient tyloxapol has been successfully administered via inhalation for more than 50 years. 

Tacholiquin® 1% solution is intended for the adjunctive treatment of a variety of airways and lung disorders associated with the formation of viscous sputum:

  • Acute and chronic irritation of the respiratory tract
  • Inflammations

     - Sinusitis
     - Tracheitis
     - Bronchitis
     - Bronchiolitis
     - Pneumonia
     - Pseudo-croup (viral laryngitis in conjunction with coughing and shortness of breath)
     - Bronchial asthma
     - Bronchiectasis (abnormal widening of the bronchi)
     - Atelectases (non-ventilated parts of the lung due to partial collapse of the lung)


Tacholiquin® can also be used whenever the respiratory tract’s self-cleaning function is impaired:

  • Impaired breathing following surgery
  • Tracheotomy
  • clisturbances of consciousness


Babies from 3 month, infants, small children as well as adults benefit from this very well-tolerated preparation with its purely physical mode of action which does not affect the physiological conditions at the mucosa.

Tacholiquin® is suitable for inhalation and instillation. Commercially available nebulisers (such as PARIboy) can be used for inhalation. Do not use hot-water boilers. 

Unique selling propositions


  • Tacholiquin® is the only preparation containing the active ingredient tyloxapol
  • Unique variety of indications
  • Unique tolerability
  • Suitable for inhalation and instillation 

Dosage forms

Tacholiquin® - overview of dosage forms and dosages.

All details on the exact application, dosage and ingredients are found on the linked package leaflet. These are in German. If you need detailed English information, please contact us.


Solution (only for clinic use)
1% solution: suitable for babies from 3 month, infants, small children and adults
20 ml PZN 1365204 (Package leaflet)
Tacholiquin 10 x 5 ml
1% solution: suitable for babies from 3 month, infants, small children and adults
10 x 5 ml PZN 0317771 (Package leaflet)

Mode of action

Tacholiquin® contains the active ingredient tyloxapol.
Tyloxapol is a surface-active wetting agent or surfactant and has a mucolytic effect.

Its purely physical effect results from three important components:

  • Secretolysis: Viscous mucus is liquefied and can be more easily coughed up
  • Roll-up effect: Mucus is detached at its base, rolls up and can be transported away by the cilia of the respiratory tract.
  • Lower surface tension reduces the viscosity of the mucus. 
    ​Diseases with excessive mucus production in the airways inhibit the self-cleaning function which is normally ensured by ciliary activity. Tacholiquin® helps to restore normal activity of these cilia.