bene – a good idea from day one

Our domestic and international customers and business partners appreciate our research department’s high-quality work in all process and product stages.

Conscientious, rigorous and intensive research at our in-house development laboratory results in effective and well-tolerated medicinal products that help patients get well.

All drugs are pharmacologically and toxicologically tested, and their efficacy is proven through extensive clinical studies (e.g., bioavailability studies).  We also determine the shelf life of the preparations using stability testing.

All of our research is conducted in collaboration with universities and independent scientific institutes. A special focus is on galenic development to increase the patient-friendliness of our preparations -- and hence their therapeutic safety – as well as on product developments with paracetamol and our proprietary active substance NaPPS.


NaPPS – the active substance with a history of success

In 1947, Dr Wilhelm Benend was the first to synthesise a new active substance called sodium pentosan polysulfate (NaPPS).

In international human medicine today, NaPPS is highly regarded by doctors and patients alike.

NaPPS is similar to heparin in chemistry and effect and is successfully used in many indications, including:

  • Thrombosis prevention
  • Treatment of phlebitis
  • Lowering of blood lipids
  • Treatment of urological diseases

The unique active substance is an essential ingredient of Thrombocid and other prescription-only products.


NaPPS – manufacture and research

NaPPS is semi-synthetically manufactured from a source material of plant origin using a very challenging and elaborate synthesis process.  The active substance is produced at bene pharmaChem GmbH & Co.KG in Geretsried near Munich. bene pharmaChem GmbH & Co.KG and bene Arzneimittel GmbH are belonging to bene Holding.

bene has been the sole manufacturer of sodium pentosan polysulfate worldwide for more than 60 years.

Due to the versatility of NaPPS, extensive research integrating latest aspects is being conducted on the substance in the process of time.

NaPPS – successful worldwide

Today, sodium pentosan polysulfate is sold in various finished medicinal products worldwide.