for pain and fever


ib-u-ron® is indicated for treating all types of mild to moderate pain and for reducing fever. 

It is particularly well suited for treating inflammatory pain, such as due to inflammation of the following:

  • Tonsils
  • Ears (outer ear, middle ear)
  • Pharynx, throat  
  • Joints, etc.

In addition, ib-u-ron® can be used to treat fever.
If fever is due to inflammatory diseases, ib-u-ron® is even doubly effective.
Its mechanism of action (see below) normalises body temperature while alleviating the symptoms of inflammation (e.g., swelling, erythema, overheating).

Unique selling propositions


  • Unique dosages in suppository form – for patients 8 months and up and 3 years and up

Dosage forms

ib-u-ron® - overview of dosage forms and dosages.

All details on the exact application, dosage and ingredients are found on the linked package leaflet. These are in German. If you need detailed English information, please contact us.

75 mg: for children 8 months and older
10 units (N1) PZN 05138849 (Package leaflet)
150 mg: for children 3 years and older
10 units (N1) PZN 05138915 (Package leaflet)

Mode of action

ib-u-ron® contains the active ingredient ibuprofen, which alleviates pain, inhibits inflammation and reduces fever.

Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Its effect is largely peripheral, meaning it occurs outside the central nervous system.
Ibuprofen blocks the enzymes responsible for inflammation and pain (cyclooxygenases). As a result, substances that promote inflammation, fever and pain (prostaglandins) cannot be formed.